7 Style Mistakes Every Teen Makes

if you’re a teenager you’re probably trying to figure out your style. are you trying to look like a certain celebrity or trying to look older that. because knowing what kind of style you want is extremely important once you start wearing those clothes people are going to judge you according to your style. i want to make sure that you don’t make the seven style mistakes every teen makes on this list.


Copying Your Friends

one of the biggest Style Mistakes Every Teen Makes that when finding their own style is dressing exactly like their friends.

look i get it you’re trying to fit in you might be trying to impress someone so you start to dress like them. but that’s not really helping your case.

when you’re walking around with your buddies and you’re all wearing the same type of outfit then you look like a little gang. that likes to share clothes instead of doing. that you want to be unique, you want to be different, you want to have your own style.

wear something that you like rare things that make you look good. not what makes other people look good. because it’s not always the same you might have some similarities to your friends but you’re not the same people. so show some personality through your style and stop copying your friends.

Wearing Only Sneakers

the next mistake that you might be making that is killing your style is wearing only sneakers instead of experimenting with other type of footwear. wearing only sneakers that’s going to limit your outfit so much.

and you don’t even realize it especially teams guys all your friends are wearing sneakers do you want to be just like them we just talked about this. let’s make sure that you’re different let’s make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

now i get a lot of questions from you guys who are teenagers and you’re like “i don’t know man i’m 16 should i be wearing chelsea boots should i try something different should i try combat boots” yes a hundred percent

Not Trying A Different Hairstyle

the next mistake is not trying a different hairstyle this is the best time to experiment with different hairstyles teenagers you guys.

You know you probably don’t have an office job that limits what you can do what you can wear you have school years that allow you to go to summer break and come back an entirely new person with different style clothing different hairstyles.

so come on guys change it up experiment let it grow then cut it short get some color in there don’t be one of those teens that have the same boring hairstyle all through your teenage years and definitely don’t wear bad hair products like gel or cheap drugstore products that make your hair look like crap

Not Doing Laundry Properly

another huge mistake that teens make that i used to make all the time is not doing laundry properly and why is that such a big mistake well because it completely ruins your clothes.

i don’t know about you but when i was a teen i had zero money i was broke. so if i ruined a t-shirt or a hoodie i’d be really pissed because now i don’t have the money to buy a new one so i had to learn how to do laundry properly.

because my clothes were shrinking the colors were fading it was horrible. you have to separate the whites and the colors. you can’t use hot water to do laundry it needs to be cold or warm. and you cannot put your nice clothes in the dryer because guess what they will shrink if you do that.

i only dry underwear tees that i don’t really care about you know cheap ones towels i always hang dry my nicer clothes like jeans hoodies nice t-shirts chinos because otherwise if i put them in the dryer it’s going to ruin them. so learn how to do laundry properly so that you’re not messing up your clothes.

Big Logo Brands

the next mistake is worrying too much about logos like you look like a walking billboard. if you have a big logo right here a walking ad you are literally paying this brand to promote their logo everywhere you go think about that for a second.

it’s actually mind-blowing to know that that’s exactly what’s happening right now you literally paid a bunch of money to advertise that big logo insane not only that but these big logo brands they’re usually expensive right because they’re hyped up.

which means they’re trendy which means that they’re gonna die someday that trend is gonna fade away at some point.

so why would you spend all of that money to be a walking billboard and to possibly lose that trend and not be able to wear that shirt again. very careful with trendy logos and trendy brands because they will go out of style.

Growing Very Patchy Facial Hair

Next this one is something that i think all teenagers do and it’s listen i did it everyone in my school did it it’s not your fault i get it growing very patchy facial hair look i understand you’re growing a beard for the first time it’s awesome you’re becoming a man but dude just wait just wait a little bit longer.

because the reality is if you have some facial hair over one side and then some hair over second side and then a little bit of patch other side of face it just doesn’t look good.

it doesn’t look good you have to wait until you can at least get really close to filling it in here otherwise it’s going to be very patchy and it’s going to look dirty.

it’s not going to look good it’s going to look like you forgot to shave not the look that you’re going for i feel like in my high school when guys first started getting facial hair you know they tried every type of facial hairstyle little goatee the little chin strap it just did not look good at all. so just wait until you can actually do it and then you can rock it.

Too Much Cologne

Next on the list of mistakes that you’re probably making i used to do this all the time wear way too much cologne. look it’s amazing that you’re wearing cologne a lot of teens don’t know the power of a good fragrance yet.

but don’t get too trigger-happy because yes fragrance can be very powerful in a good way but they can also be very powerful in a bad way. meaning people can drown in that smell and it’s just too much if you’re wearing a fragrance and you go to school and you go somewhere and people are like whoa it’s it’s a lot they start sneezing or coughing then you know that you made a huge mistake.

when i was younger i was like man this is so good. i’m just gonna drown myself in it 100 sprays this is awesome everyone’s going to smell me everyone’s going to be like damn you smells so good.

that wasn’t the case it was just too much and i got told once when i was driving with someone i was in their passenger seat like damn that’s that’s a lot of cologne and they rolled down the windows that’s when i knew when the windows came down i’m like oh they’re trying to get rid of this smell they don’t like it it’s too much.

so be careful spray some cologne go for like four sprays one two three four that is it that is good enough guys.

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