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hello guys and welcome back today I’m going to be sharing with you 8 daily habits to improve life.

daily habits to improve life

Reading Books

so my first tip is to read. I think reading books are so important in life. I’ve always been a reader but this year I’ve recently read more and more books.

I kind of came up with a daily routine. And read a chapter of self-help book in the morning and a chapter of fiction book In the evening.

and it helps me read and accumulate a lot of knowledge. and it’s so easy to incorporate into my routine.

when I wake up and have my morning coffee and right at night right before fall asleep. it’s so simple I actually read 21 books so far this year and I am still going strong reading every single day.

it mentally stimulating and helps to keep your brain active.

your brain is like a muscle and every time that you read or do something mind stimulating it definitely creates a more active brain and keeps it super strong.

it also decreases stress and it’s also so much fun I really just love diving into a world that I don’t know kind of jumping into the minds of these authors.

and it’s really fun for me and so interesting and I learn so much.

Stimulate Your Brain

the second tip is to stimulate your brain. doing things such as crossword puzzles Sudoku doing actual puzzles and other certain things that stimulate your brain is a really good mental exercise.

 helps to create analytical thinking for yourself and helps you become better at problem solving.

it’s just really good again it’s mentally stimulating and it’s kind of like a brain exercise and keeps your brain strong and healthy.

it boosts your brain activity because it is a mental exercise. so it’s just very powerful.

it actually increases your concentration and your brain processing speed.

so it’s just really good for you mentally some other things that you can do is cooking learning a new language coloring taking a class or doing a worksheet things that you used to do in school.

you can also listen to a TED talk or podcast.


So the third thing that I have is gratitude.

I cannot express the benefit and power of gratitude more gratitude is something that just so benefits you.

it increases your positive thinking, your happiness, your success, your love for others and compassion towards others.

Set Daily Intention

so the fourth thing to do is to set a daily intention. I know setting intentions it’s something really powerful and a lot of successful people do this.

but having a daily intention creates kind of a change throughout each and every day and it creates a focal point.

and a focus that you’re kind of aligning your day around which can help you attain your goals that much faster.

so a daily intention could be as simple as today I focus on my posture. and I will focus on creating alignment with my posture sitting up straight arching my shoulders back.

when I create daily intentions I get more goals done throughout the day.

Moving Your Body

so the fifth thing that I have is to move your body every day but also listen to it I don’t think that like extreme working out every single day is healthy for you.

I feel like rest is super beneficial it’s just as important as moving your body and getting daily exercise.

so I think here listening to your body first and foremost.

so for example if you’re super pumped and you’re ready to kind of just push that energy out you can you know go for a run or go through a strength training class or a boxing class.

if you’re not really feeling comfortable and you want to just relax take a walk or practice yoga and stretching.

And if you’re kind of in the mix of both try cycling you know listen to your body but at the same time move your body every day.

feeling lazy that’s not a sign to just sit in bed and do nothing try just stretching or take a little leisurely walk a lot of us have jobs where we sit all day and sitting all day is killing us.

when you start walking and incorporating movement into your day it will not only get your body flowing but just increase your happiness.

so if you do have an office job at lunch maybe go take a walk around the block when you go to the bathroom every time instead of taking the easy route.

why don’t you go take a walk around the lobby and then go to the bathroom just little things like that to incorporate daily movement into your routine is so important.


so the sixth thing that I have is to get healthy exposure to sunshine. this is so healthy for your bone health.

believe it or not I actually just read that one I did not know that the vitamin D obviously is good for your bones but getting sun exposure is equivalent of creating healthy bones not only that but it reduces stress boost your mood and restores mental energy.

I noticed this when I even them adjust slightly in the Sun I can just feel my mood lifting healthy sun exposure gives you vitamin D which gets your brain to release the chemical called serotonin.

which creates more of a calm and focused sense of mental energy. which is why people have seasonal depression when there’s no sun exposure you get very depressed.

if you have vitamin D deficiency it can cause depression fatigue and sickness. so getting your daily exposure of vitamin D is really important.

sometimes I even just like go work out outside and I kind of knocked both through my daily habits out and one I get outside and I also work out.

so it’s a really good way to kind of just feel better.

To-Do List

so the 7 thing here to do is to create a to-do list. I create to-do lists all the time and again it just kind of helps me prioritize my life.

so for example I will put down everything I need to do for the day I have like this huge kind of storm of emotions and thoughts and things that I have to do and I get so overwhelmed and stressed and anxious and worried.

but then when I write it all out it’s kind of just like a brain release you write everything that you need to get done down then you can prioritize group them into different you know subgroups.

so I have like a work to-do list. I have a general things to do also write my daily intention on top of my to-do list.

it helps you get things done quicker faster. it helps with time management and effectiveness. it a really great thing to do every day.

Drink Water

the 8th thing that I do is I like to drink water throughout the day. I think getting hydrated and hydration is so important for your skin your energy and your mood and your health.

sometimes I’ll throw a lemon in there and when you drink water throughout the day it flushes out all of your toxins.

so it’s so healthy for you it keeps you fuller longer so you’re not mindlessly snacking on things like sometimes when you’re hungry you’re not really hungry you’re just really thirsty and you’re dehydrated and it also fuels your brain.

so it’s just really good for you.

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