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7 Fashion Tips For Girls – You Should Always follow

Hello, Everyone, Today I Am Going To Be Sharing 7 Fashion Tips For Girls That You Should Actually Follow.

Now, normally, I hate fashion rules but there are some fashion tips for girls that I genuinely love to follow and, I think, help me dress better.

So that’s what we’re going to be talking about today, and let’s get started.


 The one thing that I got over and over again was no VPL. That’s right, no VPL. Glad we got that covered now. What? You don’t know what VPL means? Me either, I had no idea what the heck freaking VPL mean.

So, it’s no visible panty line. No VPL. now, yeah, that’s like an obvious one, but I wanted to get it out of the way since apparently all of you know what VPL means.

that leads me to the importance of seamless undergarments.

don’t show your undergarments.

Not Wear Running Shoes With Jeans Or Like A Nice Outfit

The next fashion rule that you should maybe, maybe follow is to not wear running shoes with jeans or like a nice outfit, and don’t get me wrong.

I love a good pair of sneakers. white, just white sneaker, like fashion sneakers, I love, like, Converse, I love black Vans sneakers, I even like the Golden Goose.

they’re dirty, but they look really nice with an array of outfits. But the running shoes or athletic shoes paired with skinny jeans and maybe a sweater, no. It just doesn’t look, it doesn’t look right together. So that is a fashion rule I think maybe you should follow.

Not Reveal Too Much In Too Many Spots

The next point is. I will never have a problem with this next fashion rule, because no matter how far I button down my blouse, I will never have cleavage, but the rule says that you should not reveal too much in too many spots.

And I think, what I personally agree with, is if you’re going to show off tons of leg, maybe go conservative on top with the cleavage, then you want to, you know, maybe don’t make your skirt so short. You want to balance it out.

Appropriate Footwear For The Snow

The next one is wearing appropriate footwear for the snow, Now, there are many women and girls, I see you out there, there’s a few inches of snow and you are still wearing open-toed shoes or flats.

Now, flats are a little bit more acceptable. Sometimes I do that, but a fashion rule that you should really follow is to wear appropriate footwear for the snow.

Now, there are many options. We’ve got many boot options. There’s the knee-high boots, there’s the riding boots, there’s the Chelsea boots, there’s the combat boots, there’s snow boots. Wear the boots If there’s a lot of snow outside.

Not Wearing Air Pods While Having A Conversation

The next fashion rule that you should try to follow involves not wearing Air Pods while having a conversation. Not only is it just, it just really doesn’t look that great, but it’s also just not polite. this is just a little public service, like a friendly reminder. If you’re having a conversation with people, take them out. It looks better and it’s nicer.

Never Wear Sunglasses Inside

The next fashion rule that you should always follow is to never wear sunglasses inside. Maybe this is an old school fashion rule, I don’t know, but any time I’m wearing sunglasses and I walk into a store or wherever I am, I remove the sunglasses. The sun isn’t inside.

But more importantly, it just allows me to actually look people in the eye. it allows me to just look like a better person. And then when you go outside, you can put them back on and use them for their intended purpose.

Not Overmatch

The next fashion rule that you should stash in the back of your brain is to not overmatch. Don’t be too matchy-matchy. Matchy-matchy is no goody-goody.

I have no idea where that just came from. There’s an exception to this rule, and that is blacks. If you’re going to wear black on top and black on bottom, which I fully recommend, I love a good monochromatic look.

If your blacks don’t match, then we have a problem. Blacks are weird. They have hues to them, and I think some people don’t realize that, and even in weird lighting. sometimes even in your closet, you don’t notice, and then you get out into, you know, the daylight and you see, like, oh, my goodness, this black is totally opposite of this other black, and then it just looks like it’s clashing.

So try not to be matchy-matchy as far as colors with other like rainbow colors, you know. Pick a couple colors, stick to that, and then as far as blacks, just make sure they’re the same tone. If you’re wearing a black sweater, make sure the black pants are in the same family.

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