6 Easy things any guy can do to instantly look better

6 Easy Things Any Guy Can Do To Instantly Look Better – How To Look Better For Guys

What’s up Everyone, How To Look Better For Guys, let me ask you this, If you could change very minor things about your daily routine to look ten times better would you do it.

If you can go from being average to being awesome to looking incredible.

and feeling confident in your own skin why not.

how to look better for guys

It’s a no-brainer right well, this is all about minor tweaks that you can do right now.

That will have a huge impact in your life.

that’s because today I have a list of 6 easy things how to look better for guys instantly look better.

Whiten Your Teeth

Number one on today’s How To Look Better For Guys list is Whiten your teeth. Look if you have stained yellow dirty teeth. That’s not good.

it’s so easy to fix.

it’s quick and easy guys you can literally go to a pharmacy get a whitening strip.

whiten your teeth within just a couple of hours.

It’s not going to be perfect it’s not going to get rid of all the stains but if you do that over a period of time not talking about two three four days maybe a week or two you’re going to notice the difference.

And it’s going to be incredible and it makes such a big difference in your smile.

Work On Your Posture

Number two guys is work on your posture. Your posture is going to impact how you are seen by the outside world. You can be in a amazing suit but if you walk bad, no one’s going to look at you.

Now if you stick your chest out put your shoulders back have your back straight. That’s going to show people that you mean business.

if you walk with intent with intention to get somewhere quickly that’s going to show people that you are a boss.

that you have somewhere to be that you’re busy that you’re not just walking for no reason that you have a plan

and a man with a plan that’s attractive.

I’ve actually always had pretty bad posture especially for someone like me who works out all the time.

who’s pretty athletic my posture has been crap.

So lately what I’ve been doing is I’ve really been paying attention to how I sit and to me That’s the biggest thing

that’s my biggest mistake sitting down on my computer in bad posture and just being on my laptop for hours.

This is so bad guys

so now I try to always sit back relax you know try to try to have really good posture.

Right Hair Styling Products

Number three is having the right hair styling products for your hair style.

First of all guys if you’re still using gel bad news for you it’s time to throw that out the window.

Gel was cool like 20 years ago. It is such a bad product now nobody should be using gel anymore. It’s time to let it go there are so many better options out there.

All right so if you guys want an amazing hairstyle find the right hair product for you.

Never Smell Bad

Next on this list never ever smell bad. That’s such a quick easy fix. Smelling bad has to be the biggest turnoff of them.

You open your mouth and all of a sudden that bad breath from like cartoons just goes into these girl. It is there’s no way you’re going to make out with this girl.

There’s zero chance that she’s going to be into you if she smells what you had for dinner.

so make sure that you’re brushing your teeth.

Make sure that you’re flossing especially because that’s going to get rid of a lot of that smell.

And of course using mouthwash as well but most importantly guys when it comes to smelling bad you have to be aware that you need to wear deodorant.

Make sure that you smell good and not only just look good.

Drinking More Water

The second is drinking more water and that’s going to help you in so many different ways. I don’t even know why i tell you this. But it’s there’s so many benefits to drinking more water and I used to be dehydrated all the time.

I didn’t even notice, I didn’t even know and then once I read about it once I started doing more research I understood.

why my skin was so dry or why my hair wasn’t good why I wasn’t really getting the fitness goals that I wanted to reach and that’s all because I was dehydrated.

Once you start drinking more water, then your skin is going to look better. It’s going to be more hydrated.

It’s going to be softer and smoother your hair is going to grow faster It’s going to be more you know soft and smooth and silky

and of course you’re going to reach your fitness goals way faster than if you’re dehydrated.

So the best thing you can do is keep track of how much water you’re drinking every single day I would say more is always better than less.

So if you can drink you know a lot of water every day and see how that affects your body that’s going to be amazing.

Trust me you’re going to see the results immediately one thing that you should know right.

Skincare Routine

Next on today’s list of 6 easy things any man can do to look better is develop a skincare routine. That works for you we all have different skin Types right and we all go through different phases.

So I can’t if I give you my skincare routine it’s not necessarily going to work for your skin. Maybe your skin is oily maybe it’s dry maybe it’s a combination.

You know the thing that’s going to make the major difference here is

how you eat of course and then also the type of skin that you have.

so that you can find the right products for that skin type.

Now what I like to do is make sure that I wash my face at least twice a day morning and night and moisturize my face right after I wash.

I need to make sure that my skin is moisturize

but a lot of people with oily skin they need to suck that oiliness out.

so they need different products they need to exfoliate more than others.

the biggest tip I can give you guys when it comes to skin care is find out what type of skin you have.

that you can then research the right product for you.

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