15 Basic men’s clothing essentials

hey guys welcome to TFV we are going to talk about the basic 15 men’s clothing essentials.

Men’s Clothing Essentials

White And Black Button Down Shirt

so let’s start with the first men’s clothing essentials “a white and black button-down shirt”.

there is very little that won’t go with a white button-down shirt you can wear it with a suit or with a crewneck jumper if you want a more casual.

I personally like to wear it with chinos and then I roll up the sleeves as well for a cooler the black button-down shirt stream’s style and it is perfect for a night out.

Crew Neck Jumper

the “crew neck jumper” is a perfect piece for winter and a future piece in summer.

I personally like the navy blue color a little bit more because it can be worn with pretty much everything.

Black Or Petrol Blue Suit

“a black or petrol blue suit” if you wear a suit to work you should always own more than one.

now if you’re not sure where to start I personally prefer a petrol blue single breasted suit because it really does look great.

Black Or Brown Chelsea Suede Boots

now these “boots” they never go out of style. they are very comfortable, look stylish and can be worn throughout the whole year.

 White Sneakers

a good pair of “white sneakers” they’re my favorite wear because of comfort style and they will go with most of the outfits in your closet just make sure that you keep them white.


A good quality “white black and navy blue t-shirt”. yes, the white color is actually my favorite. a good quality white t-shirt will fit in with everything you own.

if you buy a t-shirt try to invest in something cut from high cotton and you probably know that lower quality t-shirts suffers greatly. if you put them in the washing machine, just make sure when you do buy a t-shirt get the crewneck.

Bomber Jacket

alright “the bomber jacket” now the bomber jacket is always stylish and relevant throughout the whole year.

in my opinion a simple slim fit jacket in dark color is the best.

Monk Strapped Shoes

”monk strapped shoes” now these are one of my favorite. made popular by the one and only James Bond.

it is mainly a dress shoe and that is all that I will personally use it for it. but there’s also a lot of people that wears it with a Jean and a denim jacket and that’s also perfectly fine.

Hidden Socks

no show ”socks or hidden sock” guys this is very important to keep away those smelly odors from your feet and the sweat.

the sockless style looks great in summer but you got to use these socks.

Leather Jacket

a good quality “leather jacket” because a leather jacket will never ever go out of style. it can be dressed up or down and it will generally last you a lifetime.

Blue Jeans

good quality slim fit “black and blue jeans”. jeans are very versatile and they can go really well with almost everything that you’ve got in your closet. jeans are timeless and easy to dress up or down.


“slim fit chinos” they are a very good alternative to Jeans so if jeans are not really your thing, you can go for slim fit chinos. I use them all the time.

I personally love chinos because they look great in casual and smart clothing styles.

now I personally like to wear them with just a basic  white t-shirt just for a nice casual look.

 Over Coats And Pea Coats

“over coats and pea coats” you will need a really good-quality coat to make you look sharp and timeless in winter.

in winter, the coat is mostly the first thing people see. so wearing a good coat that is not too boxy or too long is very important.


a good quality timeless “watch” nothing out there can complement a good outfit as much as a good quality timeless watch can.

so when you go out to buy a watch, invest in a timeless watch


“a good belt” your best jeans need a good stylish belt that fits in with it. but don’t go too far especially those belts with the big buckles, you know they don’t look good unless you’re a cowboy then it’s fine.

but you only need two basic belts a good black one and a brown one.


now, the bonus one is “sunglasses” every guy needs a good pair of quality sunglasses. now when it comes to style you need to focus on the shape of the glasses.

now if you’re not sure let me give you one basic rule. if you go out and buy sunglasses the shape of the glasses needs to be the opposite shape of your face.

for example if you have a round face it is generally better to buy sunglasses with a rectangular or square kind of shape and then if you’re not sure which sunglasses to get and not sure about your face shape Click Here

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