Men's grooming routine checklist

Best 12 Men’s Grooming Tips – Men’s Grooming Routine Checklist

men’s grooming tips

Taking Showers

Number One Men’s Grooming Tips is Taking showers and using a good body wash shampoo and conditioner. This is just the basics guys you have to make sure that you’re using shampoo and conditioner. I shampoo every three days, and I use conditioner pretty much every day and then body wash. Make sure that you’re washing your body from top to bottom and don’t forget your legs a lot of men forget their legs.

Oral Hygiene

Number two is oral hygiene that is brushing your teeth twice a day flossing every night before you go to bed. Make sure that you’re using mouthwash.


Number three is wearing deodorant make sure that you’re wearing the deodorant at least in the morning otherwise no one’s want to be around you.

Wash Your Face

Next wash and moisturize your face twice a day once in the morning once at night. Make sure that you’re washing your face with proper face wash not a bar of soap. And then moisturize your face using a nice facial moisturizer. This is so important to keep your skin looking good free from any pimples and blackheads. So make sure that you’re washing and moisturizing twice a day.


Number five on today’s checklist is trimming your beard or shaving your face whatever it is that you like to do here every other day. And if needed trim your legs arm hair whatever it is that you have to do.


Spray a little bit of fragrance to make sure that you smell amazing.


Now let’s find out your nails once a Week you can clean them flip them and not bite them.

Apply Lotion Or A Body Moisturizer

Next apply lotion or a body moisturizer after you shower at least once a day. I actually to be honest with you guys I don’t moisturize my body every day I probably do it uh once a week twice a week depending on how i feel.

 Exfoliate Your Face

Next is Exfoliate your face twice a week. It’s good if you wash and moisturize twice a day but twice a week you should be also exfoliating your face to reveal brand new skin cells and get rid of those dirty old dying skin cells.

Hair Oil

Next apply hair oil almost every day to your hair to make it look and feel smooth. If I’m not going to wash my hair then I just put some oil on put a hat on and it’s kind of like a mask so it works really well to make your hair feel nice and smooth.

Eye Cream

Apply eye cream at least once a day. I apply eye cream at night before I go to bed. I basically just put some on my ring finger because it’s the weakest finger. So when you apply it on you’re not hurting your eyes because this is very sensitive skin so apply some eye cream at night before you go to sleep so that you don’t wake up with puffy eyes.

Face Mask

Do a face mask once a week if you do any type of face masks once a week whether it’s a hydrating face mask a cleansing face mask a brightening face mask whatever. It’s so good for your skin. it really helps out it just packs a punch and it’s going to give your skin all the nutrients that it needs once a week so make sure that you’re doing that.

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