7 Effective natural skin care tips at home (For Healthy Glowy Skin)

hey guys what’s up and welcome back to TFV. today’s Article it’s going to be 7 natural skin care tips at home that I have for you guys.

this is not sponsored so this is all from my personal experience.

but also keep that in mind it is my personal experience I am NOT a professional.

if you guys have some deep skincare issues please consult a professional.

natural skin care tips at home

Healthy Fats

so the first Natural Skin Care Tips that I have for you guys is that’s fats. and by fats I mean healthy fats.

so your diet is a huge part of your skin your skin is like the body’s biggest organ. when you’re eating unhealthy it will flourish through your skin. when you’re eating healthy again it’ll flourish through your skin.

fats are so good for your skin because they contain omega-6 fatty acids which are the building blocks for your cell membranes.

when you eat a lot of fats not only does it hydrate your skin but it also radiates your skin.

some healthy fats that I recommend are coconut oil, avocados, fish, olives, nuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews and peanuts. these are so good for your skin.

when I find my skin looking very dull and dry I look at my diet and on I’m not eating enough fat.

Less Is Always More

the second tip that I have for you guys is less is always more the fewer products that you put on your skin the better.

you want simplistic products you want to stick to the products that you do have quality over quantity.

I know a lot of the times these big new products come out and they’re very thrown in our face through advertisements and sponsors and all that kind of stuff.

but what’s really important is to stick what works for you. don’t hop around different products because your skin is just gonna go haywire.

keep in mind that when you do ever change your skincare or you’re trying out a new product a lot of the times it takes a while for your skin to get used to it.

so we can get breakouts from it obviously like rashes and irritations means like your skin is reacting badly.

but if you get acne breakouts or anything like that just a few here and there if you’re switching up your products your skin is just kind of detoxifying and that’s kind of shown through acne.

so not all acne is bad especially if you’re switching out different products but again try your best not to find one product and stick to it we don’t need 20 different face washes 20 different face masks stick to one.

Do Not Pop Or Touch Your Pimple

third tip that I have for you is weight it out if you happen to have a pimple or two do not do not pop it touch it play with it put makeup on it.

if you can hold off on that one it is so important to let it breathe. let it do its thing and it’ll go away on its own.

it might take a few days it might look ugly but trust me it’s worth it it’s better than popping it.

and one getting a scar, and two all that pus and bacteria that you just popped not only did it get on your fingers which you’re gonna touch your face more probably throughout the day but it also pops in the bacteria spreads throughout that area that you just popped it you’ll get more pimples.

that is such a big whimpering that. I don’t understand how people like don’t understand that.

Wash Your Sheets

the fourth tip that I have for you is to wash your sheets once every week or two weeks.

when we lay down on our pillow our excess oil bacteria and dirt especially if you didn’t clean up your makeup or clean your face before you fell asleep is going to accumulate on your pillow.

if you don’t wash your pillow and pillows sheets you’ll be sleeping on that and rubbing it into your face every single night all this bacterial build-up is now gonna be on your face.

so it’s super important to wash your sheets at least once every two weeks.


the fifth tip that I have for you guys is that you could be missing something if you are having irritations on your skin.

if you’re having different problems that keep arising odds are you have a vitamin deficiency or you’re not getting enough of some sort of nutrients in your diet. again your diet plays a huge role in your skin.

so when your skin starts messing up the first thing that I always look at is my diet.

there are different quizzes that you can take i just recently took the care of quiz and it showed me which vitamins I was deficient in which vitamins I needed based on what I eat.

the vital nutrients that you need for your skin to flourish I actually looked up like what vitamins were deficient and what it means for your skin.

so like lack of vitamin A means like you can have a very scaly dry skin like a vitamin D you have very flaky irritant skin. vitamin E you’re more likely prone to get sun damage and if you’re lacking vitamin C you get very scaly and rough skin.

Do Not Use Acne Products

these six tip that I have for you guys is do not use acne products. products that say for acne prone skin get rid of your acne do not use those products without a professional telling you.

because a lot of these contain very harsh chemicals that literally strip your skin of all of the naturally produced oils on your skin. and it’s just so bad for your skin not only your skin but it seeps into your pores and gets into your bloodstream.

just go to a professional go to a dermatologist. when I was in high school I had acne on my shoulders because I would run outside in the sweat and grime would get into it. and I tried all these firm products and it was like making me so irritated. I wasted all my money all my time I was getting worse.

and then I finally just like that the bullet looked up the highest-rated dermatologist in my area went to them and it was gone in a week. you have to get professional help please do not listen to these celebrity endorsements advertisements about acne prone products without seeking professional help first.

you’re gonna save a lot of money a lot of your time you’re gonna get rid of the acne way quicker with the professional then you are just alone on your own in the middle of a lot of different acne products.


the last and final and most important tip I believe is to own your skin if you look in the mirror every day and you sit there and knit pick at every little thing that’s wrong with your skin. you’re only gonna be focusing on that and zoning in on that

and your skin is gonna reflect when you sit there and look at all the beautiful things in your face and you focus on what you do like about yourself.  you will gain more self-confidence you’ll be able to see it flourished and to poke through your skin and you’ll radiate beauty from within.

this is 100% true this is one that I believe is really important mentally you’re going to see it reflect physically.

those are my Seven skincare tips I hope one of them has helped you if you guys have any skincare tips that you guys want to add to the list Comment them down below.

I am NOT a professional so please don’t take my advice as a professional. I really hope that you guys enjoyed it.

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